Babies Think Throwing Food On The Floor Is Cool. She Hears A Funny Sound And Adu...
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Babies think throwing food on the floor is cool

Babies Think Throwing Food On The Floor Is Cool - Parenting - 2024

Babies think throwing food on the floor is cool. She hears a funny sound and adults scramble to manage the mess. Your little lady wants to watch the television program endlessly or sing the same song repeatedly. Babies benefit from familiarity. ⁣

It’s thought that craving the familiar actually begins in the womb. A fetus develops preferences for known voices, native language, or even books read from outside the womb. ⁣

Children learn better from reading a book repeatedly, and the same is true for babies. ⁣

Repetition—whether eating the same food, hearing the same story, singing the same song, or throwing food from the highchair—gives a baby the familiarity that’s needed to grow her brain and learn new things.

What does your little one like to do or and over? Let us know in our comments below

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Originally posted 2021-03-03 12:58:01.


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