Babies cry. They don’t have the words to communicate

Babies Cry. They Don’t Have The Words To Communicate. So, This Is How Children Let You Know How They’re Feeling. ⁣
We, As Parents, Often Feel Uncomf...

Babies Cry. They Don’t Have The Words To Communicate - Pregnancy - 2021

Babies cry. They don’t have the words to communicate. So, this is how children let you know how they’re feeling. ⁣

We, as parents, often feel uncomfortable when our child cries and we try to squash it with distraction or by negating it. We say things like, “You’re okay” or “Why don’t you just do something else instead?”. ⁣

But take a moment and think about how you’d feel if your partner said “You’re fine, just make something else,” when you throw a dish-rag because you burned the dinner that it took an hour to prepare last night. ⁣

A respectful and effective way to respond to crying is to acknowledge and understand it. Learning to accept feelings is not easy and it won’t come automatically. But the more you try, the more understood your child will feel. Empathy helps kids learn to manage their emotions and problems. ⁣

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Originally posted 2021-01-11 14:06:02.

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  2. Crying is ok……but, teach them baby sign language so that they can communicate!!!!!!

  3. Growing up we weren’t allowed to cry. I tell my son (toddler) you’re allowed to be upset, you’re not allowed to be mean. I want to foster knowledge on how he can navigate being upset and not disallowing it like I was taught.