Aww Happy New Year 


Aww Happy New Year

Aww Happy New Year - Pregnancy - 2023

Aww Happy New Year 💕❤️💕
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Originally posted 2021-01-11 10:05:04.


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  1. In my personal opinion as a mother I would never leave a baby with a kid, only someone thats 15 or older due to the responsiblity & risk factor

  2. Y yall so uptight? I was babysittin younger then this. N in a shady neighborhood. It ain’t tht big of a deal omm. 😭😭😭 all these constant debates on wat yo opinion be n wat is the outcome? 45 seconds of wasted time? Maneee keep scrollin. Appreciate the dam post cuh thts wat it was meant fo smh

  3. People saying “aww how cute” are not parents, LOL because any good parent would be hesitant about leaving their newborn with their 14 year old. 🙄

  4. I guess the bed is longer so please don’t inmediately assume the little one is going to fall off. Also, I guess they did it just for the picture (being a very uncomfortable pose). I think they are really cute! ❤️

  5. Wow, look at all the mom shaming! This is so embarrasing to read. We don’t know how old this girl is. She could be 12, she could be 17. Paying your neighbour kid for babysitting is ok but letting your own kid (be paid to) watch the baby is wrong? If you do not feel comfortabel to do so than don’t, but let other moms make their own choises. I doesn’t matter if I world have made a diffrent choice but it does look very cute. I wish these sisters all the good in the world! ❤️

  6. I started taking care of my little brother at 15 years old. However, all teens are different, and my mother acknowledged my maturity to care for him. Many family come from different cultures too so they may not agree. Latinos are mostly raised to care for the youngest while our parents work. Babysitting was NOT force. 🥰

  7. I was watching my 6 month old brother at 12. As a parent you’ll know if ur child is mature enough to handle watching a baby for an hour to two hours. And I always WANTED to watch my baby brother . He 20 now and still runs down to give me a big hug and kiss . I’m his 2nd momma

  8. Jesus that’s a fucking NEWBORN. Who’s leaving a newborn with a kid. Surely it needs to feed on demand etc what a ridiculous responsibility to load on a child that looks no more than 11. Not even going to start with how horrifically unsafe this sleep situation is oh god this whole thing is disgraceful 😩

  9. Oh no no bby let that little girl be a little girl!! IDC who watched their younger siblings and “turned out fine” it’s not ok!! Get a sitter, call a friend, call a grandparent!

  10. Cute picture I must say! But I still can’t comprehend how can people leave their young children alone at home and go for late night dates!! Let alone babies! People think young children are capable in tackling any trouble?! Then why do they even call them “children”!

  11. All the people crying don’t even know how old she is. Or if she offered to or not. You can’t just assume you know everything about something based on a picture and caption lol. I highly doubt they forced her to do this and she really doesn’t look too young to watch a baby

  12. Everyone give them a rest!!! The parents probably just wanted a nice peaceful evening for dinner and whether they trust their daughter with their baby is their choice. She might be older than she looks. Or she might be really responsible. Just because you cant trust your children with a small child it doesnt mean they cant. Honestly😔🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. Parents, stop getting your oldest kids to watch the youngest ones, it’s not their kid or their job. Watch your own kids. Let them be kids and live.

  14. I agree with the women saying this is wrong. I got a stepdaughter that’s four years older than my daughter. And I’d never make her do this just because she’s a kid. She’s not a parent. People get scarred with this behavior as youth and end up not wanting a child of their own. I may do this if it’s an emergency, don’t get me wrong, but not for me and her daddy to go out on date night.

  15. Cute, but my mind just goes crazy thinking what could happen if she’s so sleepy and ends up moving her legs… Not safe IMO.

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