Are You Pro Or Against Having Your Partner In The Birth Room  This Guy Is Having A Hard Time Looking Lol  

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Are you pro or against having your partner in the birth room

Are You Pro Or Against Having Your Partner In The Birth Room - Pregnancy - 2023

Are you pro or against having your partner in the birth room 😅 This guy is having a hard time looking lol 😂


Originally posted 2020-12-18 17:30:58.


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  1. Wow how sad. Imagine going through the most feminine and life bringing experience in your life and your partner is gagging. Fuck that and grow tf up.

  2. I think men should be there. They should see what we go through, even if it makes them barf. Lol Thankfully mine was so excited and curious, he held my leg and watched the whole thing, and laughed with excitement when our little guy was out. I was lucky enough to only push about 15 mins 5-6 pushes.

  3. I had 2 sections and the second one the curtain fell and my sons dad saw my whole stomach open .. he almost died 😩😂😂😂😂😂

  4. My husband was the only one allowed in the room with me (we had our baby boy in May 2020 so COVID restricted all other family members from coming which was sad.) but it would of just been my husband & I anyway even if people were allow there. We wanted it to be a special moment shared between just us of having our baby. My husband held my leg and watched the whole time to make sure everything was okay 😅 after 8 mins of pushing out came my son & my husband cut the umbilical cord. It was such an amazing experience I love my hubby so much 💙

  5. Poor guy lol… I guess he won’t be changing any diapers lol …. my hubby was there in the room the whole time and was a trooper lol…. he said he peek but was a little terrified 😂 but he cut the cord and he’s fine and has changed multiple diapers lol

  6. You need to man up if you’re going to be there. Definitely know to draw where to look & see. Need support not some puke!

  7. Guys, killing zombies, and each other on play station, guts,blood and body parts -no problem, don’t even twitch. Assisting during delivery of his baby – passing out, looking like🤮, and it’s too traumatic for them. 🤦‍♀️

  8. They told my husband to step away when they cut my episiotomy 😂 he goes im good, she seemed suprised. The guy guts 🦌 🤣 he was all good the whole time. Watched my csection too 😭

  9. 🤣 My husband stayed up by my head the whole time and gave me water between pushes. My mom was the one doing the hard work of holding my leg along with another nurse. I loved that my husband was there because he got to cut the chord and was the first to hold our baby girl 🙂 But, my mom was the true MVP because she was able to help the nurses and didnt mind seeing everything she saw (mom was an EMT)😂😂😂

  10. I didn’t have my partner with me. I wanted to make sure I was relaxed during delivery and not worrying about him passing out 😂 lol

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