You'Ve Probably Heard Some Of These Pregnancy Myths... But Don'T Believe Them! U...
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Are These Pregnancy Myths Really True?

Are These Pregnancy Myths Really True? - Infographic - 2024
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You’ve probably heard some of these pregnancy myths… but don’t believe them all!

Up to 200mg of caffeine is ok per day according to most experts (though if you can go without it then do so).

Certain types of hair dye are okay during certain times during pregnancy.

You’ll want to eat well and increase your calorie count, but remember the size of your baby (you’re eating for two but not two full-sized adults!).

What other ‘facts’ have you heard that turned out to be not so factual in the end?

Share them in our comments below 😊

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  1. I mean obviously you don’t want to overdo it on the caffeine since it passes through the placenta but whenever I drank a small bit of coffee, it tore my stomach up! I had horrible horrible heartburn for like 2-3 days

  2. I wouldn’t say “glow” because my skin isn’t clear like it has been my whole life, but I definitely do look more “healthy” in my face

  3. Mmmm what? Caffeine can penetrate the placenta and possibly lead to gestational diabetes if consumed in large amounts. And you do glow (at least I did). And cocoa butter helps keep the skin moisturized to help minimize stretch marks.

    This picture is misleading 🥴

  4. You literally are eating for two though to it baby is sucking you dry of nutrients bones made out of calcium where you think the baby gets that from? If this is true then a woman could say she’s starving herself while pregnant and it’s fine Bc she has enough nutrients for herself 💀 y’all gonna give someone a miscarriage w these posts

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