April Is C-Section Awareness Month. Btdt (Been-There-Done-That) C-Section Mamas,...
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April is C-section Awareness Month

April Is C-Section Awareness Month - Postpartum - 2024

April is C-section Awareness Month. BTDT (been-there-done-that) c-section mamas, what helped you most in recovery? We’d love for you to share.

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  1. A supportive partner and breastfeeding. Still recovering 5 weeks in, unfortunately my incision opened a bit in an area & is still healing.

  2. A supportive hubby helps you recover soon .. Delivery is that critical period where a woman goes through physical and mental pain, she bares the sharp clenching tummy pains, the back aches, drowsiness (sometimes), and other discomforts.. Creating a Life and delivering it isn’t a joke ! All these discomforts can be compensated with some extra love and care from the family .. The patient’s muscles and nerves automatically gets tender after a delivery and cannot handle any kind of stress and depression, hence Mental peace is very very important in the recovery. Else the patient undergoes post-partum depression and it affects the baby too ! …… A pillow-wedge also helps alot in the recovery mode.

  3. Walking up straight (as painful as it was) within 24 hours of the surgery and every single day after that, a loving & supportive partner, a water bidet & holding my sweet child – every pain seemed so worth it!

  4. Def a pillow to hold to sneeze and cough, walked alot and once the incisions wer healed, lots if coconut oil to fade the scar☺️☺️☺️👍🏽❤️

  5. still recovering it’s been a week since but definitely trying to walk, pain meds, & support from husband and mom.

  6. I did it 3rd April 2020 I was nervous and scared but those meds helped and the support from my mother she cared for me let me get rest and I’m feeling so much better..Mothers love is priceless

  7. Walking and restful sleep. I was fortunate enough to have my mom here 24/7, so I was able to get some extra sleep when I needed it.

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