Anyone Else Feeling Like This ? ...
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Anyone else feeling like this?

Anyone Else Feeling Like This? - Postpartum - 2024

Anyone else feeling like this?

Let us know how you’re tracking in our comments 🤗

Originally posted 2021-03-03 14:12:30.


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  1. Totally me. But i dont think if i say all this people would understand unless they already went thru that😢. I love my sons veryy deeply much bt its time, dedication & lots lots of attention. I always say “i can’t do this by myself” which i CAN but its hard shit FR….

  2. First time mom with a one week old baby boy. I used to read this and not think anything of it. Reading it on point lol

  3. It will be so much better and easier with second one! And with third one. And also after 2 years) love to all who feel like this girl!

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