Afternoon Naps
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Afternoon naps

Afternoon Naps - Parenting - 2024

Afternoon naps 💕

Originally posted 2021-03-03 14:22:58.


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  1. I feel these moments often. Really wish freezing time or going back to these moments are an option. But I guess since it’s so fleeting, that moments like these with your little one is all that much more special 🥰

  2. I have a selfie of this exact couch situation with the baby and dog from my last week of maternity leave. I had so many other things to do but just wanted to always remember our cozy cuddle on that cold January afternoon.

  3. My ten month old does not nap on me anymore. In fact, he’s a hyper train and won’t clam down unless he’s strapped in the stroller or we put him down angry in the crib.. i miss when i could easily nurse him to sleep. It was only like a month ago.

  4. I had a moment like this on New Years Eve with my 3 year old. We went to bed early and went to wake up at midnight. My alarm didn’t wake her and I just stared at her for the longest time. It was awesome.

  5. I miss these days. The last time my youngest napped with me on the sofa was almost 2 years ago. She would do it every day right after lunch. We would just sack out together for an hour or two. She’ll be 5 soon. She still comes into our bed looking for middle of the night cuddles though. She nests in between my legs and uses my thigh or lower stomach as a pillow. I hate sleeping on my back but I do it so she’ll stay awhile. ❤️

  6. I feel this. Like everything else in the world can wait, nothing is more important than the baby cuddles. I don’t care what time it is, or what state the house is in. I’ll be on the couch with my sleeping infant.

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