Designed A Toy Based Off Of What Baby Really Wants To Play With. Money Please.
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A Toy design based off of what baby really wants to play with

A Toy Design Based Off Of What Baby Really Wants To Play With - Parenting - 2023

A Toy design based on what baby really wants to play with. 不

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  1. I actually bought a toy that had a bunch of tags sewn on to a piece of fabric. I thought perfect! He didnt care for it and went back to playing with other random clothing tags. So strange.

  2. My feet are unbelievably ticklish. I cant even scratch them myself when they itch-its the worst. And I jerk my feet away if something tickles them.

    Enter my 8 month old, who is fascinated with my toes. Ugh Im so afraid Im going to accidentally kick him one time he sneaks on my toe.

  3. My kid has been obsessed with every single one of these. At one point we bought him a little blanket that had different tags all around it. We thought he would go nuts for it because he loved the tags on everything else but he couldn’t have cared less about it

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