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A Shout Out To Our Breastfeeding Moms

I wanted to acknowledge the invisible load that comes with nursing! (bottle feeding invisible load post to follow in the next couple of days). ⁣

Breastfeeding was hands down the hardest thing for me to adjust to as a new/first-time mom. ⁣

I can vividly remember the nurse telling me I had to wake my firstborn to feed him every 2 hours. Like, set an alarm to wake him and feed him. ⁣

I did this for weeks. And pumped in between. ⁣

My boobs got so engorged that nothing was coming out and I no idea how to fix it. ⁣

I had no idea what I was doing. ⁣

I lacked confidence. ⁣

I was a zombie. ⁣

I’m thankful for my midwives who took my calls and checked on me in my home. ⁣

The second time around was so much better! I knew what to do and knew how to read the cues for hunger and soothing. ⁣

And there was no way I or any nurse was waking that sleeping baby 😂😂😂⁣

Man, such a wild ride. ⁣

I see you, mamas! ⁣

Whether you were able to breastfeed or not, the pressure and stress of making sure your babe is getting enough and is growing is a lot. ⁣

Whatever your choice, it is what was best for you and your family ❤️⁣

Credit @_happyasamother on Instagram

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4 months ago

Yup my husband doesn’t understand the weight of the responsibility. There is always something to do and it seems like I’m the only one that can do it, it’s annoying. Can’t he just read my mind and just do what I want 🤦🏾‍♀️

6 months ago

Not to mention the overload of milk! I had so much milk with my son that I was squirting all over the place all the time! He loved breastfeeding and from the first minute he was born he was great at it! Just latched on and off he went.. Gosh I miss those days. 😌

6 months ago

This is all true for me yet I’d never change my decision to breastfeed.

Posted By Claire

Claire is our Community Manager here at New Moms Forum. A mom of two (almost grown-up babies), Claire has been building and operating community-based websites for almost 20 years. In her downtime, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and drinking copious amounts of red wine!

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