The First Night Home Is Exciting And Scary. ⁣

Let’s Talk About A Few Essentials...

A Few Essentials For Your Babies First Night Home

A Few Essentials For Your Babies First Night Home - Pregnancy - 2024
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A nice share from @healthiest_baby on Instagram with a few essentials for your first night home from the hospital with your little one!

The first night home is exciting and scary and getting a few essentials locked in will hopefully help make this special time a little easier.⁣

Realistically, you’ll likely be both excited, amazed, and terrified at the same time. ⁣

Feeding your baby, one way or another is the top priority. Babies typically feed every 2 – 3 hours the first few nights. Babies have no concept of day and night and their tummies are tiny. It’s important to encourage feeds every few hours until your baby has gotten back to his or her birth weight. ⁣

There will be burps, spit-ups, and hiccups. Your baby’s poop will likely still be tar-like at first. ⁣

Breastfeeding can be challenging and painful at the start. Working with a lactation consultant, even remotely, is so helpful.⁣

Don’t be surprised if your baby just wants to be held all the time. And don’t worry about spoiling him. Even though you’re exhausted please follow safe sleep guidelines. ⁣ Don’t be surprised if your baby snores or grunts in his sleep. ⁣

Whatever you’re thinking, let me reassure you, “You can do this!” You can!⁣

Do you remember your first night home with your baby? What first-night advice would you share with other new moms?

Your experience is super valuable so please take a couple of seconds to share in our comments

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  1. My baby makes lots of sound Nd facial expression wen slipping at first I was scared but now I understand it’s totally normal

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