A 2020 Pregnancy Is A Little Different...and Yet Totally The Same      ...

A 2020 pregnancy is a little different…and yet totally the same …

A 2020 Pregnancy Is A Little Different...and Yet Totally The Same ... - Pregnancy - 2023

A 2020 pregnancy is a little different…and yet totally the same 💜 @wavesandlilacs


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  1. I am scared of having Baby during these times in life im 4 months now with baby 2. Im scared my partner wont even be able to be with me during the birth. Our firat child was an emegency c section and we saw him for a minute before getting rushed to another hospital. I want to atleast be able to hold one baby when they arrive together. If it doesnt happen we’ll still have great moments together as a family but it just the little things that can become much.

  2. I’m pregnant with our first baby, 3000 miles away from family and friends (hubs military), he can’t come to any appointments. I was luckily able to record the heartbeat ultrasound at my 8week appointment, but its really difficult not having my husband there. I already feel isolated with this pandemic and being away from family, wish he could experience this moment with me!

  3. So grateful for this pandemic!! Without it I wouldn’t have searched for a birthing center. My hubby never missed an appointment. And now that we’re so close to delivery we decided for a home birth 💕 without covid I’d probably wouldn’t have searched for other options. #BirthWithoutFear 🤰

  4. Lol except most of us are doing it 100% alone and can’t even record our appointments or ultrasounds or even FaceTime our partners.

  5. Definitely rough around this time. I’ve literally been trying to document every step. This may be our last😩 bittersweet

  6. Jealous, I saw my baby for the first time alone while my partner was sweating bullets in the waiting room 4 floors down. I always pictured holding his hand as the nurse turns the screen towards us.. this is Not how I wanted it to be at all. Trying to to be sad about it.

  7. Try Pushing with a mask on then I get a fever so does my baby, they test us for Covid (negative) but my baby was taken to the NICU and was there for 9 days 😭 when I went to visit, I could only be there alone not bring daddy

  8. Not the same. I had my first in 2016 and my husband came to everyone appt and ultrasound. No masks, no fear of saying you have certain symptoms of COVID and fearing birthing alone. This year I had my second. My husband was able to come to ONE appt but had to be known he was negative for COVID. Had to find childcare for my first daughter every appt. When i was 39 weeks I mentioned I had diarrhea twice and instantly I was tested for COVID (also a symptom of pre-labour) went into labour in my own and because I was waiting for covid test my husband and I were out in isolation. Bur taken out of isolation later. BUT we got to be together, had the best care possible and got to hold my healthy sweet baby.

  9. Being pregnant during this shit show is nothing short of terrible and traumatizing, I don’t consent to or accept your new normal or medical tyranny.

  10. 💜💖❤️ this year has definitely been hard, but hopefully everyone has a good pregnancy & birthing experience despite this temporary new normal

  11. I haven’t even given that much thought that my partner doesn’t go with me. That’s happens when it’s your third 😂

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