8 Minute Shoulder Workout For Women (Fast!) - First Trimester Workouts Videos - 2024

8 Minute SHOULDER WORKOUT for Women (FAST!)

8 Minute Shoulder Workout for women who want to sculpt and tone shoulders FAST at home. Challenging shoulder workout for women.


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  1. I have 4 kids and I’ve been searching this kind of work out for moms who having a hard time to get rid of belly fat mommy 😫😫 i like your work outs tho i will start doing this tomorrow make it my daily routine

  2. I have to say you are killing me. I keep coming back day after day, so maybe I am the issue and not you. I love that you push me past where want to be – you challenge me but it is not insanely impossible. I am can feel myself getting stronger. Thank you, even though I yell at you a lot during the videos!! #beatnavy #singsecond

  3. Thanks for another great workout!! I love how you’ve created short (can fit a couple in during naptime and still have time for other stuff) effective workouts! I recommend you to friends all the time!!

  4. Love it and feel the burn so much! I was so bummed, I somehow injured my hip a couple days ago playing with my son. I had shooting pain anytime I put weight on it and could barely walk so I had to skip a couple days. I'm trying to make those two days up today and tomorrow!!

  5. Feeling the sweet burn after such a short workout. Back at working out after my 2nd pregnancy and can't fit anything longer into my schedule but these short workouts so thank you for the content:)

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