8 Minute Arm Workout For Toned Arms (Fast!) - Prenatal Workouts Videos - 2024

8 MINUTE ARM Workout for Toned Arms (FAST!)

Arm workout for women at home to get toned arms FAST. Quick and effective arm workout to tone your arms in just 8 minutes!


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  1. Love these workouts but today (for the first time for me) there was an ad in the middle!!! Hope this isn't going to keep happening… stopping the workout to skip an ad in the middle really interrupts.

  2. I just wrapped up my 21 day challenge (a little bit late) and 14 of 21 days I was traveling in Italy. I used wine bottles for this workout and it worked out just fine! LOL! Thanks for this challenge Ashley – I loved it!

  3. You are officially my trainer! I am going to quit my gym membership, invest in a medicine ball 9to do the muffin top exercises), and monitor my progress. Currently, I am 10 weeks postpartum, I started diastasis recti recovery exercises (posted by you) yesterday and have been doing lower body and upper body sessions from pre-natal series. I am in love with your spirit and your sessions provide me 105% of what I need! I am so glad that you have recovered beautifully from the sustained injuries! Please be safe and keep that beautiful smile on! Love, Syuzanna

  4. Your video popped up in my recommended so I decided to watch it. My first impression was, she’s really Fit and has confidence in front of the camera. Then once you started doing Super Mans, straight into Push-Up position Rows I was like wow… She’s a beast! Awesome workout and very creative too. You just got a new sub and fan and ima leave you a like too. Keep getting them gains.

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