8 min Inner Thigh Tabata: Challenging Pregnancy Workout

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  1. I just want to say yours is my favorite channel for prenatal exercise. I’m currently 32 weeks and have found your workouts to always leave me feeling accomplished and energized. I made a change in my life about a year ago, holding myself accountable to an exercise regimen, and am so proud of myself for sticking with it. It’s been a little tough, not really being able to fully see the results since I’ve been pregnant for more than half of the time 😅 I did a lot of yoga pre-pregnancy, but have struggled to find any prenatal yoga online that I like. They are BORING and I generally don’t feel like I’ve gotten a workout at all. I love the wide variety of challenging prenatal exercises you offer – I get bored doing the same workouts all the time, and your channel keeps me coming back. I hope to continue to have the energy to stick with it for the rest of the pregnancy and also after to be happy with the way I look and feel. Thanks again!

  2. Wow, did this and the Thighs & Booty workout this morning and I can already feel my legs getting sore! FINALLY a prenatal program that really feels both safe and challenging. I will look into the post-pregnancy plan, as well. Out of curiosity, if you're reading this, Ashley, what did your own typical prenatal daily routine look like? (Not that I plan to emulate it!!)

  3. You're awesome! Thank you so much for these workouts. I feel them soooo much more than going to the gym and doing the standard weight machines! Wish I had found these sooner. No matter how terrible I'm feeling, I always feel better after these workouts. Before them, my body owns me. After, I own my body! 23 weeks with a big baby boy in my belly 🙂

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