6 Week Before &Amp; After Postpartum | Glowbodypt Post Pregnancy Plan - Postpartum - 2024
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6 Week Before & After Postpartum | GlowBodyPT Post Pregnancy Plan

Ashley’s Post Pregnancy Plan:


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  1. Hi! I’m about 7 months postpartum….I have been doing your diastasis recti 8 minute workout and I love it, thank you so much for it. I now want to do something more intensive to get rid of a little bit of low belly pooch I still have. The only problem is that I’m very small (115lbs) and actually interested in gaining weight – would your 12 week program still work for me? P.S. You’ve helped me so much – thank you for being such an inspiration!

  2. Haven't seen any recent posts but… I just bought the 12 week program and I'm due on Feb. 10 2020…cant wait to start. Glad I found GlowBodyPT… I'm use to working out with fitness blender with Kelly and Daniel ❤👍

  3. Wow!!!ur 6 weeks progress look like my almost half year progress..hahahhaha..can u cover more on diatisis recti..i saw u talked about it in one of ur video yet, can u cover more on it and what's the good exercise for moms that have DR after given birth?

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