Wondering About The Physical Effects Of Birth? Let’s Talk A Bit About What Your Body May Experience After Delivering A Baby!

Vaginal Bleeding Is One Of The Most Common Physical Side Effects ...
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6 Physical Changes You Might Experience AFTER delivering a baby

6 Physical Changes You Might Experience After Delivering A Baby - Postpartum - 2023

Wondering about the physical effects of birth?🤰💙 Let’s talk a bit about what your body may experience AFTER delivering a baby!

Vaginal bleeding is one of the most common physical side effects you’ll experience. And it might come as a surprise if you delivered via c-section. It is known as “lochia” and how your body gets rid of the extra blood and tissue in your uterus. It may feel like a month-long period for some. See your doctor if you believe the bleeding is abnormal.

This is one of those postpartum symptoms that may come as a surprise. After enjoying a full, shiny head of hair while pregnant, estrogen levels drop and return to normal. Heavy shedding is normal. It can last from 1-5 months according to ACOG, and peaks at around 3-4 months.

You will also experience a number of changes in your skin — it can include stretch marks, loose skin and dry/itchiness. You were growing and carrying another human being in your body…it’s natural you will have a mommy pooch or extra skin once baby is born. It takes time for your body to heal, so be patient with yourself.

Along with those skin changes, you may also have incision scars — from a csection birth or episiotomy. These areas will need extra attention and care to heal properly.

Your breasts become large and heavier after birth as your milk comes in and blood is flowing. This is normal. Your milk supply will adjust to your baby’s needs (with feeding on demand) and you will experience relief once you get into a routine. Expect relief within the first 24 hours as you breastfeed or week if you are not breastfeeding. (Just watch out for mastitis!)

And of course, one effect that we don’t talk about enough is constipation after birth. THIS IS A BIG PAINPOINT. For some of us, it feels like birth part 2. Your stomach muscles and bowels may have stretched and weakened after birth, so it takes time for that poop to feel normal. Your doctor will recommend a laxative or stool softener to help you manage.

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  1. And if it’s not your first birth you might possibly experience afterbirth pains, or contractions! The more kids I have, the worse they get 😖

  2. The constipation was my biggest challenge and doctor refused to recommend laxative, I didn’t poo for 30days after delivery and it was very traumatic😢

  3. I have had some surprising lingering discomfort from Diastasis Recti too. Two things I never realized would be so hard for me pp were 1. The PP constipation was SOO terrible 2. DR coinciding w c section healing has been tough!

  4. Does the mommy Pooch go away? I don’t want to be fat after I have a child. How long does it take? Does every woman experience a Pooch? 😕

  5. No one tells you about the hemorrhoids… but when you ask about it , they say its very common in pregnancy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. CONSTIPATION is the absolute worst I have had it throughout my entire pregnancy!!! And when I say I am sick of it. No matter how much water you drink or Colace pills you take it just doesn’t go away! I had to de-impact several times😫

  7. The only thing that I have is the bleeding and milk Part. I don’t have scars or loose skin, my hair didn’t fall out yet

  8. Ding ding ding. We have a winner 🙌🏻. I think the hair loss what the biggest one for me. I can deal with all the others. 😭

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