6 Best Labor Positions For Natural Birth - Postpartum Workouts Videos - 2023

6 Best Labor Positions for Natural Birth

MUST WATCH if your goal is a natural birth! The best labor positions, tricks, and mindset tips to help you deliver naturally as fast as possible.


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  1. 1) hip circles on ball
    2) swaying / laying on ball
    3) toilet with squatty potty position
    4) bath on knees and rock slowly. Sit on butt but be upright
    5) hands on back of hospital bed
    6) lean of hospital bed, standing on side of bed

  2. Wow! Again, another helpful video. Thank you! I am 35 going on 36 weeks and can’t wait to see our little guy! It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a baby… so I am hoping to go natural. LORD’s will be done. ❤️

  3. Ashley – This video is sooo helpful!! Thank you so much! 🙂 How did you know when to go to the hospital? The reason I ask is because general rule they tell you is to go when your contractions are 5 min apart. In the video you said early on your were walking the neighborhood at 2 min apart. Also, a friend told me she was ready to push at 2 min apart. Everyone's experiences are different…. So, how do you know? Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for reminding about "staying internal". I appreciate your words of encouragememt throughout your videos as well! Lots of people dont realize that a big part of getting ready for labor and birth is learning to mentally prepare! It is so often overlooked since we are concerned with getting our bodies ready for the physical trauma and the two go hand in hand.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. I had my baby boy on December 3 and I was exercising up to one week before I had him. I was running/walking up to 4 miles and the delivery was so easy. I delivered within an hour, I was 8cms. dilated when I got to the hospital. You were always my inspiration when I didn’t want to work out, I would search one of your videos and then got off my butt and headed to the gym 😊. I love you so much thanks for being the kind of woman that empowers other women.💖Congratulations on your baby girl❣️

  6. Hoping I can implement some of this in my 3rd delivery! 39 weeks tomorrow & baby still hasn't moved into position. They've said if I go into labor atm it'd be an emergency c-section. This is what I most want to avoid, so praying that all my "flip the baby" yoga positions & stretches do something finally!

  7. Its crazy how when we just listen to our body and what feels comfortable, we naturally end up in these types of positions! I labored leaned over most of the time whether it was into my husband or on the floor or over our ottoman or over the side of the birth pool and also a lot on the toilet! I loved the stability ball and doing lots of swaying and circles in early labor but once active labor started I had to be down and leaning over with my butt way out! haha! I couldn't stand to be upright at all. Congrats on your little girl Ashley!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge i really need it … I m 31 week pregnant I m soo nervous😔 bcz it's my first pregnancy and I m 25 year old i m exercising three times a week but whenever I see you … You make me happy 😍 bcz u are my inspiration love you so much😚

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