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5 Days Postpartum~ Blisters on my nipples and it hurts to sit down. I am deliriously tired but I’m just so in love!

5 Days Postpartum~ Blisters On My Nipples And It Hurts To Sit Down. I Am Deliriously Tired But I’m Just So In Love! - Postpartum - 2023

5 Days Postpartum~ Blisters on my nipples and it hurts to sit down. I am deliriously tired but I’m just so in love! This is the 4th trimester, I have been here before and still somehow nothing can really prepare you for how long the nights are and the overwhelming emotions.

I just keep reminding myself how blessed I am that I get to experience bringing a little human into this world again. Knowing this is my last I’ve decided to surrender to the process, give myself and my postpartum body some grace and focus on celebrating those small wins, like getting more than 2hrs sleep at a time, drinking a cup of tea while it’s still hot and finding time to shave my legs 🤪

When you’re a first-time mama sometimes the newborn days can feel like you are constantly swimming and barely keeping your head above water, you can easily wish the days away but here I am 3rd child in and I know all too well how quickly this season of life will pass so I’m trying not to wish it away, trying to embrace it and savour the “little” moments that really aren’t so little at all ✨

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  1. Same here, 43 years old, baby number 5 is almost 4 months old. Enjoying every moment, because they really grow up too fast.

  2. Congrats!!!! Please know that breastfeeding should not be painful. I hope you can get a lactation consult to help with breastfeeding, I promise it can be more wonderful that ever thought!! You look great by the way!!!! #yourock 💯❤️👍

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