3rd Trimester Mamas check-in, how we feeling? What did we miss?

3Rd Trimester Mamas Check-In, How We Feeling? What Did We Miss? - Pregnancy - 2021

3rd Trimester Mamas check-in, how we feeling? What did we miss? ⁣


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  1. Hahahaha lol omeprazole is a life saver no more heartburn! Strangely enough I sleep the whole night waking max. 2x to pee which I already did before pregnancy. I’m loving the third trimester can’t wait to see my baby boy!

  2. I’m 39weeks and l must say it’s been a journey for me. Not sleeping comfortably during the night,waking up every hour because of urine! I guess the sleeping part will only get better when baby gets here. For now l give up😂

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