33 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect Your 33Rd Week Of Pregnancy - Pregnancy Week By Week - 2023

33 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect Your 33rd Week of Pregnancy

This week your baby weighs more than four and a half pounds and is still gaining weight, and your baby has reached an important milestone about now: She’s got her own immune system.

Let Heidi Murkoff author of What To Expect While You’re Expecting, Walk you through Week 33 of your pregnancy and fill you in on all the exciting developments!

It’s week 33 and as your watermelon-sized belly is likely to attest, your baby has come a long way from his poppy seed size status. He seems like a relative heavyweight at four and a half pounds, but remember, he could double that weight in the coming weeks. Happily he won’t be doubling his height. At around 17 to 19 inches long, your baby is pretty close to the length he’ll be at birth.

What’s going on in that uterine nursery? Well, your fetus is starting to react remarkably like the infant he’ll become. Sensitive to the light that penetrates through your now thinner abdominal walls, drowsy eyes drift shut to sleep when it’s dark and flicker open when it’s light. These are your dozing darling’s first lessons in learning the difference between night and day, a distinction that’s obviously important once he’s outside the womb.

Still playing a crucial role is the amniotic fluid that surrounds your floating baby. It’s around one degree warmer than your body temperature, so it serves to keep your baby toasty and warm until the big day. Until now, there was more amniotic fluid than actual baby in your womb, a ratio that created a cushion between you and your little boxer.

But now, amniotic fluid levels have topped out and your baby’s taking up more room in the uterus. The result? There’s less elbowroom for baby and less of a cushion for mama, meaning those left hooks and karate kicks will be more uncomfortable for you.

Though your little one may be able to throw a mean jab, he’s not quite ready for a prime time bout. His body is still busy developing its independent immune system, thanks in large part to the antibodies you’re passing along through the placenta. Thanks, mom!


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  1. DEC 2020💚 MAN IS THIS KID ALREADY A KARATE MASTER IN MY WOMB! This is my first full term pregnancy. MY BABY MOVES SOOO MUCH. I have friends and family members w/ babies or that are also preggo and it’s almost like they never feel/ felt their baby kick their ribs, or feel as many abrupt movements. I must have a very, VERY active baby. I feel it’s strong kicks, shuffles, and hickups daily. I know all babies are different and are positioned differently too. We’re Team green, don’t know the gender but MAN this kid is like brushing my womb.. Doc says it’s all good and the baby is healthy and it’s a great sign. Has any other momma had a VERY active baby? I wanna hear from other moms!! Swear I’ve been feeling karate chops since like week 17/18. 💚💚💚 I think there’s a girl in there. Some say boys move more but again, all babies are different. Some women never even know they are pregnant which blows my mind!!

  2. I’m 33 weeks this week and I’m getting so uncomfortable. I can barely eat but when I do I feel so full it makes me nauseous. I get dizzy a lot too and she’s pushing against my belly hard so there’s a lot of pressure. Trying to be positive and just be grateful for my miracle! I’m so ready for her to be here though lol

  3. 33 weeks pregnant with our first! A baby girl 💕 Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for all mamas out there during this 2020 global pandemic. We can do it! WARRIORS

  4. My usg shows 1226g fetal weight at 31+4 wks.. Dr told overall growth z less. He recommended to hv observation for 2 weeks.. Chances of iugr. My workplace is ot. Does isofluorane interferes fetal growth?

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