3 Must-Know Facts For Breastfeeding While Exercising | Milk Supply - Postpartum Workouts Videos - 2024

3 MUST-KNOW FACTS for Breastfeeding While Exercising | Milk Supply

YOUR questions answered about breastfeeding, nursing, milk supply, dieting postpartum, exercising and working out!
Lactic acid, nutritional profile, tasting breast milk?!? + the TOP 3 TIPS all nursing mom’s should know!

Ashley’s Post Pregnancy Plan:


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  1. Hi! I love your videos! I'm wondering if you would advise against taking a CLA + Carnitine supplement or a BCAA supplements that has grains of paradise as a thermogenic? Both are products from the company BPI.

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  4. Update my milk supply is still strong lol been running on the treadmill for a good while now and I changed my eating habits as well and my milk supply is still good !!! Thank you for your video without seeing this I wouldn’t have the courage to workout again cause I was nervous about loosing my supply lol

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  6. I’m one month postpartum almost 2 months now and I’m dying to workout before my two kids I used to run ALOT and work out a lot but my first baby during the pregnancy I did work out and after I didn’t cause I was breastfeeding and I was scared to loose milk . But I got pregnant again with my 2nd baby they are 9 months and a few days apart but I did 0 working out meaning 2 yrs without working out and it’s killing me . If I start now will my milk supply go low ? Since I haven’t workers out in a good while ?

  7. I have not been able to loose weight while nursing with my first two babies and then dropped weight finally after I weaned. I worked out doing HITT and strength training 2-5X a week and had good nutrition I kept track of through an app, eating lots of Leahey greens and no sugar except in nut butter. I am 4mo PP with baby #3 and nursing and so stuck at the same weight as 2Weeks PP. Any advice? Should I see a doctor to check my hormone levels? I eat well, exercise, drink lots of water, no alcohol, keep track of my nutrition. I am stuck at 160 and 5ft3.

  8. The problem is with me that I felt extremely exhausted after training and the recovery takes so much longer. Also the sleep deprivation at Night makes Recovery and building muscle way more hard for me, can you help?

  9. My milk supply has gone way down since working out 🙁 they told me my fore/hind milk wasnt as fatty and baby wasnt getting the fat content… 🙁 baby is 10 weeks i started working out and eating better and and this sucks 🙁

  10. I know this video is a bit old, but I love it. I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old and I have started to watch what I eat. I had been eating a lot of bad fats and just not very healthy. Therefore I did gain some weight . Now I am eating lean and healthier, not starving myself, just being mindful. Also I just started getting in a workout, and I am so sore as I’m writing this. My legs are killing me. But anyway, I feel great, more energy, and most importantly, MILK SUPPLY IS STILL GREAT!

  11. What kind of light workouts do you recommend from your channel that I can do 1 week postpartum? I had my baby boy August 3rd ❤️😊 and I’m a stay at home mom really wanting to keep everything circulating and make sure I don’t go crazy just sitting! Also do you recommend waist trainers 1 week postpartum?

  12. Thank you for the research based evidence to back up your tips! I'm a registered dietitian and I've been following your prenatal workouts and love them. I already bought the post natal plan. Thank you!!

  13. Great info!! I would love to hear your opinion about my problem. I stayed pretty active during pregnancy and gained weight normally. Now 2 months postpartum and breastfeeding, not only I haven't lost a pound but I've gained some weight. I'm eating a bit more than I used to but nothing crazy or unhealthy. My meals are balanced and I've started exercising as well. I've read about prolactin messing up with your metabolism and making you preserve your fat. Any advice?? Thank you so much

  14. I am completely breastfeeding to my baby, but I started diet plan before 3 months i didn't have enough milk so I was really afraid of my milk supply. I was 85 kg my belly has loose skin i wanna lose it, i looked so bad being so fatty and fluffy ,I used mummy magic weight lose tea with diet plan , with healthy nursing tea , that helped me to lose weight and upsurge milk supply 🙁

  15. I love this video! This was one of the first videos of yours that I watched when I first got pregnant. What hooked me was the fact that you researched this topic and talked about studies and sources. That really made me want to stick with you and stay fit because it shows you know what you are talking about!! I'm 31 weeks now 🙂

  16. I am exclusively breastfeeding but I started at 3 months i didn't have enough milk before so I'm really afraid of my milk supply. I am so thin 48 kg but my belly has loose skin i wanna lose it, it looks so bad being so thin and with that fat and skin there 🙁

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