This Is An 18-Week-Old Fetus Enlarged Directly Into The Uterus.
 At This Time Of Gestation, We Can Already See Hands And Feet Formed With Little Fi...

18-week-old fetus enlarged directly into the uterus

18-Week-Old Fetus Enlarged Directly Into The Uterus - Pregnancy - 2024

This is an 18-week-old fetus enlarged directly into the uterus.

🖐At this time of gestation, we can already see hands and feet formed with little fingers that, at that moment, are developing DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS.

👶Some moms will already be able to feel small movements, more similar to a gentle vibration than a strong kick, after all, the baby is still very small.

This incredible and detailed photo was taken with magnifying glass cameras, an endoscope and a microscope with an electron scanner by Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson.

Originally posted 2021-01-12 13:24:10.


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  1. Can yall believe there are actually many people out here who say this isn’t alive and if it is its life doesn’t matter ?😲

  2. This is a dead, aborted baby. You can see the cord is empty of blood, no longer pulsing. The black background is a table, not the fleshy uterus.

  3. You might be asking yourself in the world did Nilsson manage to put a camera in the womb – the sad truth is Nilsson actually photographed abortus material obtained from women who terminated their pregnancies under the liberal Swedish law. Working with dead embryos allowed Nilsson to experiment with lighting, background and positions, such as placing the thumb into the fetus’ mouth. Ironically or not, pro-life activists of the 1960s and 1970s appropriated these images and used them in their campaigns.

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