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13 years ago I became a mom for the very first time

13 Years Ago I Became A Mom For The Very First Time - Parenting - 2022

13 years ago I became a mom for the very first time. It was a feeling I’d never felt before. My heart was full of a love I’d never felt, and my brain was full of so many worries I’d never felt.

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Did motherhood turn you into a nervous wreck?

You’re not alone! 🤗 Share your experiences in our comments

Originally posted 2021-03-03 14:14:40.

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  1. I have 2 kiddos, my current worry with them is that they can’t get injured whatsoever. When they play outside I get anxious. Simple trips to the doctor are a mess here in CA with covid

  2. Oh yes…the insane amount of worries that no one tells you about! It is one of the hardest parts of parenthood for me.

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