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10 Ways Dads Can Support New Moms

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If someone asks me what has been the toughest part of my pregnancy I say “the fourth trimester” and I guess it’s the same for most of the mums. Your body is still healing from the childbirth and you have a brand new baby to take care of. 👶

It’s important that mums feel supported during this early postpartum phase by her loved ones and the person to fill that role is Dad.👨‍👩‍👧

It might be tough for Dads to know exactly what to do to support their partners, especially if they haven’t been through it before. So here are a few things dad can (and should) do to help new mum during the immediate postpartum period.

If a dad is able to tick all these boxes, the Mom will be in a much better place, and dad too.

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1 month ago

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Posted By Claire

Claire is our Community Manager here at New Moms Forum. A mom of two (almost grown-up babies), Claire has been building and operating community-based websites for almost 20 years. In her downtime, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and drinking copious amounts of red wine!

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