10 Minute Challenging Inner Thighs Workout | No Equipment - Postpartum Workouts Videos - 2023

10 Minute Challenging Inner Thighs Workout | No Equipment

Challenging inner thighs workout that will strengthen and tone your inner thighs in just 10 minutes at home! No equipment needed for this workout.


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  1. Loved the workout… glad someone has published an inner thigh only exercise. Anything to tackle ankles and calves, at all, I’d be interested to know. Hope ok but added your video to Instagram on Mum Goes Barmie … you have full credit. I’ll be back for more Thankyou Lesley (UK)

  2. Those side plank leg raises 🥵 My four year old son was trying to do this video with me and for that exercise, he said, “I’m just going to lay down.” 🤣 I hear you son, I hear you.

  3. Where is the 6 week workout plan? Is it in a playlist? I’ve been doing your workouts for a while and I’m seeing results but still have some problem areas I need to work on.

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