How Soon Do Your Boobs Hurt During Pregnancy?


How soon after conception do your boobs hurt during pregnancy? I was told it could be very soon. My boobs were very very sore within a few days though. I didn’t think it happened that soon. Has anyone else experienced tender boobs this early on?

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6 thoughts on “How Soon Do Your Boobs Hurt During Pregnancy?

  1. This is one of the very first pregnancy symptoms most women experience. Breast tenderness can occur as early as one week after conception. This was my first sign in 2 of my pregnancies and I felt it before my period was even due! The breast tenderness is what caused me to take the pregnancy test in the first place! Check out… for a list of pregnancy symptoms and when you might experience them so you know what else to expect and when. Good luck!

  2. i am five mos preg. and my breasts still arent sore other than itchy nipples.
    *** my first pregnancy though it was almost instant. the swelling and soreness was intense.
    i have been told it can be different every time and im just lucky this time :)

  3. Sore breasts were my very first symptom… I didn’t realize it was pregnancy related until later though, but looking back that was def the first sign.
    My breasts were EXTREMELY sore about a week before I expected my period.. then my period never came.

  4. Could be really quick or not at all. Every woman and pregnancy is different. I felt it really early with this pregnancy.

  5. Mine got sore when I was 4 or 5 weeks and it lasted for about a week. They also got bigger which I don’t want, they are big enough to begin with. Since then, they have been fine but I am only 9 weeks!

  6. My boobs hurt before I got a positive pregnancy test. It didn’t happen like that with my first. It just depends on your body.

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