How Many Days After Conception Does Your Body Start Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms?


How many days after conception until morning sickness or other symptoms? If you have experienced pregnancy and you are in tune with your body, which symptoms did you notice first?

7 thoughts on “How Many Days After Conception Does Your Body Start Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms?

  1. You can start getting symptoms pretty much right away! Around 5-10 days after conception you can start feeling things such as nausea, bloatation, sore breasts and such. 10-14 days after conception you should be able to get a neg/pos pregnancy test! Good Luck!

  2. You don’t notice any symptoms until you miss your period.
    And the first symptom is either morning sickness or really really sore breast’s.
    And those symptoms sometimes don’t start until 2-3 weeks after your missed period.
    I have been pregnant 4 times. I have two kids and have had two miscarriages.

  3. It depends on the person. EVERYONE is different. I never started feeling symptoms until I was about 6 weeks preg (about 2 weeks after I had a positive preg test). And I felt sleepy first. At least I did with my first one. I was so exhausted I could barely get out of bed. Then the nausea hit, then the sore breasts.

  4. For every women its diff. for me it toke me to my 9th week to start getting morning sickness and everything. For some its anywhere from 2-8. It just all depends on your body

  5. i noticed my boobs getting bigger and i was peeing more but i didnt notice till i was about a week or so before i was due on
    im now 8 weeks and just starting to feel morning sickness

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