How Early In A Pregnancy Do Your Boobs Start To Hurt With Little Touch Or Pressure?

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I think I’m pregnant and I’m not sure. But when my boobs are lighly tapped or touch, they hurt. It’s only been about 2 weeks since the conception (if im pregnant) so does anyone know if this is pregnancy or my period?


  1. Betta breeder | | Reply

    Quit playing with your boobs and get a pregnancy test.

  2. Anonymous | | Reply

    my breasts were really sensitive as well in the begining… well now i’m at almost 11 weeks (still not that far along lol), but my breasts have been less sensitive for about the last 2 weeks now.

  3. Rose | | Reply

    that started at conception for me. Next, I started cramping like I was going to start a really heavy period but never did. I would test.

  4. Hayley France | | Reply

    Yup. They get very tender really early on…Every time I’ve been pregnant my nips have been the first thing to go crazy!
    Good luck.

  5. monmon | | Reply

    Do they feel fuller than normal too? If so, I’d say get a test. My boobs were immediately sore and I could already tell they were getting bigger within a couple weeks

  6. Mom to Haley Marie | | Reply

    Yes it is. I would go take a test or wait till you miss your period.

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