Behavioural Changes During Pregnancy

brings together quite a number of discomforts in most women. The underlying fact is that the discomforts vary from individual to individual. Some may experience nausea, vomiting, heartburn, dark pigmentation, stretch marks, Back ache, , etc. Apart from these physical changes, behavioral changes may also be noticed during pregnancy. But some lucky women will have no problems at all.

Below are some of the common behavioral changes that could be seen during pregnancy. They are not to be worried, but will disappear with the birth of the child.

Mood extremes– Due to the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, mood swings are very commonly observed. Even the strong women might feel high at spirits at one moment and low at the very next. Often working women feel lack of interest in their job and related matters during this time. Depression found in pregnant women is not a surprising change in behavior as it can be expected at this phase. Thus the life partner needs to understand the pregnant woman so that she gets good care and comfort.

Tiredness– Tiredness seen during pregnancy is a signal shown by the body that one has to take it easy and relax. It is advisable to have sleep for at least ten hours a day so that the body and the mind get enough of rest. If sleeping ten hours continuously is not possible, then one can have some short naps in the afternoons. Pregnant women are normally recommended to go to bed early. Before going to bed, it is wise to recite a prayer, poem or sing a favorite song so that the unwanted stress level could be kept away. But in some cases, tiredness may also be caused due to the reduced count of Hemoglobin in the blood.

Sleeplessness– Sleeplessness is seen common in pregnancy. This mainly happens due to the stress or worry. During the course of pregnancy, women might have a fear or worry regarding their pregnancy or child birth especially when they are nearing their due dates. Sometimes, it also happens that one may get satisfactory sleep at the time they retire to bed, but later may wake up in a few hours. This may be due to the desire to pass urine or sometimes by the baby’s kicking. This waking up at the midnight could be controlled to an extend by not taking fluids just before going to bed or in the late evening.

Abnormal cravings– Some people may feel abnormal cravings for unusual things like soil, coal, etc. The medical background of this abnormal craving is due to the lack of minerals like calcium or iron. In such a case, doctor can detect and see what misses out in the body what supplements should be added.

It should be noted that indiscriminate use of certain medicines may cause harm to the pregnancy and the baby inside. Thus medication should however be kept to minimum and should be taken only under doctor’s prescription.

Author: Roshni Poddar

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