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Welcome to New Moms Forum. Within the pages of our site you will find information and advice written for wannabe, expectant and new moms.

Our site is broken into a number of key categories, all aimed to help you find the information your looking for as quickly as we can :) 

Getting Pregnant covers tips for getting pregnant and the chances of you getting pregnant. Our Pregnancy Symptoms category provides guides on the symptoms of pregnancy. Our During Pregnancy section covers everything you need to know whilst going through your pregnancy including what to expect and what is and isn’t safe to do during your pregnancy. Our Breastfeeding sections provides support on breastfeeding your baby including alcohol and breastfeeding and the best breastfeeding diet. Finally, our Pregnancy Weight Gain section provides tips on losing your pregnancy weight and contains pregnancy weight gain calculators to help you keep track of your bumps size.

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Natural Childbirth – Most Common Questions Answered

There must be so many pregnant women out there, as my blog is running hot and my inbox is clogged with questions! So, I thought I would compile a list of the 3 most asked questions about pregnancy and birth from my blog and the women I teach. Firstly, my background, I am mother to two beautiful boys 7yrs and 21months (still breastfeeding!), a Midwife of 9 years and a Lactation Consultant. I work in a birthing unit, teach antenatal classes and run a lactation clinic at a pharmacy.

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Top Maternity Dresses for Summer

Summer is fast approaching, so now is the time to begin shopping for maternity dresses before the pickings are slim. If you have been pregnant for more than a few months, you doubtless have some good basics, but you may not have begun the dress hunt yet. Late spring and early summer is definitely the dress season so many with graduations, weddings, outdoor parties, not to mention baby showers! You will most likely find you could easily use a few choice casual dresses for those hot summer days, an occasion dress for a wedding or shower and maybe a few versatile office dresses.

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Is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Right For You?

Pregnancy can put pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes leg pain. Some chiropractors say they are able to resolve this problem. They also say there are techniques that will help ensure a safe and easy delivery.
The actual goal with chiropractic care during pregnancy is to make the whole body operate better and not just the high-stress areas affected by pregnancy weight gain in the lower abdomen, hips and breasts. Chiropractors aim not necessarily to relieve the pain, but to make the body function better with adjustments. They also aim to ensure a safe and easy delivery.

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Signs of Being Pregnant As Well As Other Great Information on Pregnancy

According to the United States Census Bureau well over 10,657 babies are born per day, that’s a lot of babies! If you’re a woman who is pregnant or think she might be pregnant, chances are you will want to know all the information you possibly can, either before you have your baby or while you’re pregnant. Or maybe you don’t even know that you’re pregnant and you’re looking for early signs of pregnancy. There are several million sites online with information pertaining to all your questions, worries, or concerns.

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