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Pregnancy Journal A Family Memoir

The body, if you monitor carefully, helps you know the moment you are pregnant. The most common early sign of pregnancy can be deciphered even before you realize that you have missed the period or doing a pregnancy test on the home pregnancy kit. Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments for any woman, a moment when she feels blessed and part of creation. She wants to share this joy with her family and friends. What better way can be there for sharing this experience? A pregnancy journal or a personal diary is the best way to record your feelings, experiences to share this experience with your near and dear ones.

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Early Pregnancy Symptom Know the Indicators

Any woman trying to get pregnant just cannot bear to wait patiently to find out if she has achieved her objective. She wants to find out sooner than later if she is pregnant. Your body is an excellent indicator of early pregnancy symptoms. It is very important to monitor your body very carefully and be alert to even the minutest of the changes within. Though no two pregnancies are the same, some women may experience early pregnancy symptoms within just a few days of conception, while others may have no body changes till about a few weeks of conception.

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The Possible Deception: An Early Sign of Pregnancy

Many have heard a lot on an early sign of pregnancy. Some hold true, while others may be exaggerations. Add the fact that no two ever experience exactly the same early sign of pregnancy. The best way to be closer to sure would be taking a pregnancy test. Today you have many choices for affordable home pregnancy tests as well. What follows are a few other explanations for what could be an early sign of pregnancy.

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First Trimester Pregnancy Experiences

Your first trimester pregnancy months are the time when you need to accept and absorb all the changes you and your body are about to go through. When you first suspect that you are pregnant, a lot of different feelings go coursing through your body and mind. You may be thrilled at the prospect of becoming a parent, and at the same time you may be terrified of the very idea that you’ll be responsible for the life of another human being.

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How Much Does Breastfeeding Reduce The Risk Of Allergies?

I realize that there are babies that will get allergies whether or not they are breastfed or formula fed, but how much does breastfeeding reduce the risk of developing allergies or how much does it help to make an allergy less severe?
I’m really not interested in anecdotal evidence of the X number of kids you know who were fed Y and turned out to have or not have Z. This type of argument has no validity to sway the fact that breast milk and formula are not even close to being equal forms of nutrition.
Thanks for answering.