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Welcome to New Moms Forum. Within the pages of our site you will find information and advice written for wannabe, expectant and new moms.

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Getting Pregnant covers tips for getting pregnant and the chances of you getting pregnant. Our Pregnancy Symptoms category provides guides on the symptoms of pregnancy. Our During Pregnancy section covers everything you need to know whilst going through your pregnancy including what to expect and what is and isn’t safe to do during your pregnancy. Our Breastfeeding sections provides support on breastfeeding your baby including alcohol and breastfeeding and the best breastfeeding diet. Finally, our Pregnancy Weight Gain section provides tips on losing your pregnancy weight and contains pregnancy weight gain calculators to help you keep track of your bumps size.

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Daddy’s Duties During The First Few Days & Weeks

You are home from the hospital with the newest addition to your family and everything has changed. You may feel a little left out in the beginning but there are some ways that you can join in and help. Your partner is going to be experiencing many different emotions and will need your support more than ever. The baby has taken center stage and the best thing you can do is jump head first into Daddy land.

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Weaning A Breastfed Baby

When to wean is a question facing all breastfeeding mums. How does a new mum know when to introduce solid food into her baby’s diet and what sort of food can a baby eat?

At present the World Health Organisation recommends that all babies be breastfed exclusively for six months. A long time, you may think, especially in the middle of a colic episode or growth spurt! However, there are real concerns for the welfare of babies that have led to this advice.

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Now’s the Time to Reclaim our Childbirth Skills

Consider this. In the US, 3,680,000 women give birth each year, in the UK 700,000 do, Melbourne, Australia 58,000 and the same in New Zealand. Where Common Knowledge Trust is located 1,000 women give birth. New Zealand is unique. In 1995 midwives became autonomous, lead maternity carers. Direct entry 3 year educational programs were set up, they are paid by Government to provide antenatal, delivery and post-natal care within the concept of continuity of care. Women can choose to give birth at home or in hospital with the same midwife. There is no shared care. Over 85% of all pregnant New Zealand women have a continuity of care midwife. Women choosing to birth in hospital, even when referred to a specialist, will have team midwifery care. Ideal isnt it? Since 1995, the caesarean rate has doubled to over 27% nationally. Whats wrong with the picture?

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Can you Breastfeed While Pregnant?

Can you breastfeed while pregnant? In most cases, yes. You should check with your
doctor or midwife, however, if you are at risk of premature labour or have any pain
or bleeding during pregnancy. Breastfeeding (nipple stimulation in general) induces
the production of the hormones oxytocin, which produces milk, and prolactin, which
causes the uterus to contract. Neither hormone should be a problem during a
normal pregnancy.

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The First Symptoms of Pregnancy – Understanding and Dealing With Them

I have made an attempt in this article to discuss the first symptoms of pregnancy and the different ways of coping with them. This article also deals with issues such as teen pregnancy, carrying twins, coping with pregnancy on an emotional level and the role of certain natural remedies to help deal with aches, pains and other discomforts normally experienced during pregnancy.

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Occurrence & Remedy Of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy is a rare kind of pregnancy, which occurs in a very little percentage of women. It is not a normal pregnancy and hence is either naturally miscarried or has to be clinically aborted. The term ‘Ectopic’ literally means a part of the body, found in an atypical place in the body. Therefore, it is a kind of pregnancy, which develops in an organ other than the uterus.

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